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tailor made catering

About us: Authentic, personal & surprising

tailor made catering

About us: Authentic, personal & surprising

tailor made catering

Modern concepts, high quality products and enthusiastic employees

Tailor made catering is a young, international company. We have combined the success stories of Käfer (Germany) and Vermaat (Netherlands) and aim to become the most innovative business and leisure catering company in Germany.

In addition, we rely on long-term, trusting partnerships and work with utmost care for people and their environment.

Our corporate philosophy

At tailor made catering we focus on the following core values:

catering concepts

Food and
drinks connect

Food as
a Lifestyle

Innovative and

High quality
and awarded


The pursuit of pleasure, health and joy is our most important driving force.

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The heart of the company

Employees are the beating heart of our company. Tailor made catering stands for socially engaged entrepreneurship with an emphasis on people. Everyone gets the chance to grow as a person as well as professional.

Our approach

How we plan and work

At tailor made catering we rely on the development of unique, tailor-made food concepts. For this we aim to fully understand our customers’ wishes as well as the identity of our customers’ target audience. We are always happy to get inspired to develop our concepts where hospitality always comes first.

Our vision is to jointly work on a holistic, exceptional gastronomic concept in order to deliver a truly unique experience for all.

Our vision is based on three pillars:

Culinary offer



When combining these three elements with our guest’s needs, something special happens; a complete experience that exceeds expectations of our customers.

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